Tuesday, August 14, 2012

My Favorites . . .

So many times, a song or a thing fleets across my memory and I think, "Oh, a green Saturn, that's what Grammy used to drive."  It's not meant to be the only association you have, it's just a little thing that builds a bridge and it makes sense to start here, with my favorites:

My favorite flower . . . . is the Alaskan Shasta Daisy, but I also LOVE lilac bushes in spring along with snowball bushes.  I'm a big fan of flowering shrubs in general.  I adore working in the garden and have a love for any one of a million common perennial garden flowers.  Iris remind me of my dad.  Lilies make my heart sing.  I love, love, love sedum.  Violas make me happy and remind me of Grandma Mills.   It's probably easier to name flowers I don't like.  I don't like yarrow, am not a fan of sunflowers and associate carnations with funerals.

My favorite perfume . . .  Well, I don't have one.  My favorite scent on skin is fresh cleanliness that can only come with good hygiene.  I love the mix of smells from a good shampoo, nice conditioner,  a soft body wash and a good teeth scrubbing with good old fashioned toothpaste.  I sometimes spritz on a bit of body mist.  I'm a fan of vanilla because I like to smell like fresh baked cookies.

Color . . . blue.  And green.  And rust.  And yellow.  And red.  Oh, so hard to pick a favorite.

Song . . . Oh, I do NOT know.  I love lots of music.  I love lots of different artists across many different decades of music.  That, truly is impossible to choose.   I have a blessed memory for song lyrics and once I learn the words to a song, they are with me forever.  It probably takes up a ton of brain storage, but it's who I am.  I'm like that with phone numbers, too.

Book . . . I'm an avid reader, but don't have a favorite.  The best book I've read lately is The Chaperone.   I like adventure, romance, fantasy . . . again, it's impossible to choose just one.

Saying or Quotation . . . "It's the little things."

Dessert . . . Fresh baked chocolate chip cookies.  I'm a cookie connoisseur.  I also really love a good snicker-doodle.

Vacation spot . . . Breckenridge, Colorado.  Or Montana.  Or California.

Type of food . . . Salad.  I love a good salad.

Sport . . . Gymnastics.

Movie . . . City of Angels is where I always land even though I probably have several others.

Leisure Activity . . . Gardening.  Or biking.  Or painting.  Or doing house remodeling or re-design. Or organizing stuff.  I'm always organizing something.

Me . . .

Not for the purposes of Blogger . . . but to fill in once the project is bound and complete.

My full name is: ___________________________________

My birthdate is: __________________________________

I was born in: __________________________________

My mother's name is/was: ___________________________________

And she was born in: ____________________________ on: ___________________________

My father's name is/was: _________________________________

And he was born in: __________________________ on: _________________________

My paternal grandparents are: ______________________________________

They were born in: _______________________________ on: ________________________

My maternal grandparents are: _____________________________________________

They were born in: ______________________________ on: _______________________

My marriage . . .

I married _________________________________ on _________________________

Kiddos . . . here are the names and birthdays of my kiddos: