Sunday, July 17, 2016

A little hiatus

I've taken a short hiatus.  Or long.   It doesn't mean that I'm not here, it just means I've been somewhere else.   I feel like reiterating the goal is important, such that I have a shining mommy moment.  The goal is to build stories for generations.  The goal is to write down the things that make a life.  The balance is to do it, along with everything else, and still be present.  So, yeah, I've taken a hiatus.  It's because I'm being present for the people in my life who matter.   I realize it's a bit of a "I'll write it down later attitude" but that's fine by me.   I picked up a book to help jump start things again.   It's mostly listography prompts to help when there isn't anything bubbling to the surface.  Also, as is my age old problem . . . . I want things in order.  I want a chronological package so it's all nice and tidy and tied up with a pretty bow.   But life ain't necessarily like that, so while I realize I'm hopping around . . . . you guys will just have to hop around with me.

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